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Why area residents come to Dr. Brace and Associates for beautiful-looking dentures:

Top Quality Premium Dentures

You know your smile is important because it is one of the first things people notice about you. To make your smile the best it can be, we custom design premium Life-Like™ Premium Dentures, which, unlike conventional dentures, can be customized precisely to your mouth. The design of these dentures compliments your age, sex, personality, physical appearance, and even skin tone. You will no longer have the same “false teeth” look as every other denture wearer – you will have your own comfortable, unique, real-looking smile!

What are Geneva 2000 dentures?

If you need to wear dentures but think yours look too denture-like, our dentists can help. We are attuned to the particular needs and sensitivities of denture wearers. We offer Life-Like™ Premium Dentures, a line of premium cosmetic dentures. When you elect to have Life-Like™ Premium Dentures we’ll customize and handcraft dentures that fit and look the best and most natural for you. Life-Like™ Premium Dentures are unlike any other dentures because they have specific tooth shapes for males and females. These dentures are crafted and fitted with specific attention to each patient’s different personality, skin tone, and age. They also have a uniquely designed chewing surface for maximum chewing efficiency and stability. Our dentists are cosmetic artists who will create dentures that are so perfect for your look that they appear to be your own. You will never want to hide your smile again.

You’re in Control

You are in complete control of your entire experience. No surprises, no disappointments! Our team of cosmetic artists will handcraft a trial wax rendition of your new denture. You will be able see how you’ll look with the new denture and how it supports and compliments your facial features. Only after your approval will we move on to the final denture. “Our customization process using Life-Like™ Premium Dentures provides a smile that is so incredibly natural that even I can’t tell,” says Dr. Brace, founder of O’Fallon Dental.

Multiple Options

Dr. Brace’s practice offers you more than one option for your dentures. The structure of your jaw and your particular needs determine the type of denture that is appropriate for you. We will discuss all of this when you come to our office for your consultation, and only after you understand and agree to our decision will we progress with getting you the incredible smile you’ve been wanting.

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