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Does the thought of going to the dentist fill you with fear?

You are not alone!

Over 50% of the population reports a fear of the dentist. Many people have had a frightening experience as a child or at the hands of a less than compassionate dentist. Some have vowed to never go back. Even if you have not personally had a painful or frightening experience, most of us have overheard the experiences of others, which have led to our fears. If you have been putting off needed dental care out of fear of the dentist we have the answer.

Why do so many people come to O'Fallon dentist Dr. Brace for sedation dentistry?

This is Just What You've Been Waiting For

There is new hope for people with anxiety about going to the dentist! Considered the most important breakthrough in dental patient comfort since Novocain and laughing gas, oral conscious sedation dentistry is helping patients get vital dental treatment.

How it Works

Simply put, our dentist gives you a small pill. You become drowsy and quite relaxed. You drift peacefully through the appointment and the next thing you know you’re headed home. It seems like no time has passed, and best of all, your dental work has been completed in one or two pleasant, comfortable visits. Although you were never unconscious, you don't remember any of the unpleasant things that used to make you break out in a cold sweat.

Only 1% of Dentists are Qualified Nationally

Only 1% of the dentists in the country are qualified in oral conscious sedation technique. All of the dentists at Dr. Brace and Associates have received extensive specialized training in sedation. Patients come from all over the area to be treated using this comfortable, safe, and effective technique.

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