Cerec Crowns

Are you dreading spending days at the dentist’s office to get a dental crown or restoration?

There is an easier way!

CEREC crowns are your answer! Get the treatment you need in just one appointment!

Younger, fresh-looking skin is closer than you think!

Generally, getting a crown requires two appointments with your dentist. During the first appointment your dentist shaves down the top and edges of your tooth and takes an impression.  You have to live with a temporary crown for weeks, until your permanent crown is ready and you can finally have it placed at the dentist’s office. For many people this process is long and arduous, especially because temporary crowns can be uncomfortable.

With CEREC crowns you can avoid the nuisances associated with traditional crowns. CEREC crowns work just as well as traditional crowns and they look great, but you can have a CEREC crown placed in just one visit with your dentist. They are fabricated right in your dentist’s office while you wait—no second appointment necessary. You won’t even have to wear a bothersome temporary crowns!

Why do so many patients choose City dentist Dr. Name for CEREC restoration?

Renew Your Smile in Just One Visit

Conventional crowns took time and multiple appointments to complete. Our dental office can now place crowns in just one appointment using innovative CEREC technology. Your restoration is milled in-office and placed in just one day! And since your CEREC crown is designed to fit your tooth perfectly, you never have to bother with an ill-fitting temporary crown.

Smile with Confidence

You can smile confidently knowing that CEREC crowns are milled out of pure porcelain. Porcelain crowns are strong and long-lasting. And because CEREC crowns are metal-free they look naturally white rather than dark and artificial.

New Patient Certificate!

$79 exam! Includes complete x-rays and routine cleaning (a $299 value). Or $1 custom teeth whitening with new patient exam, complete x-rays, and cleaning at full fee (a $400 value).

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