Remember These Tips From Our O’Fallon Dentists When You Are Faced With Dental Emergencies

Written by Dr. Brace on Mar 15, 2016

If you suffered a dental trauma, do you know what you would do? Now is the time to make a plan!

Our O’Fallon dentists are here with some helpful tips that will help you make good decisions for your smile in a dental emergency. Let’s get started…

1. Retain as much natural tooth structure as possible

If you lose a tooth, try to keep as much of the natural dental tissues and tooth structure intact as possible. This will make it more likely that the tooth can be reinserted into your natural smile. If you chip or crack a tooth, you can save the broken part, so that your dentist can get a better idea of your natural tooth shape when crafting your restoration.

2. Keep lost teeth viable for as long as possible

It is sometimes possible for a knocked out tooth to be reinserted into the smile, and for the tooth to then take root again. In order to increase the likelihood of this being successful, you want to gently insert your tooth back into the hole in your smile if possible. If your tooth does not easily and comfortably go back into place, do not force it! You can place your tooth in milk, or hold your tooth in your cheek with milk in your mouth until you get to the dentist’s office.

3. Timely treatment

The most important thing is to see a dentist as soon as possible after experiencing a dental emergency—ideally within an hour or two of suffering damage. Figure out who you will call in a dental emergency ahead of time, and make sure this information is in your phone and/or visible in your house, so that you have it on hand when it is needed.

Dental emergencies are never fun, but with a little pre-planning, they don’t have to be devastating. As always, our O’Fallon dentists are happy to provide you with additional information and guidance. Give us a call when you are ready to get started!