Our O’Fallon Dentists Share 3 Unhealthy Dental Habits To Cut Out Of Your Routine

Written by Dr. Brace on Jan 10, 2023

Taking proper care of your smile is about more than simply cleaning your teeth twice a day. In order to protect your oral health, it is also important to review your daily habits. Today, our O’Fallon dentists are sharing some information about harmful habits to keep an eye on. Let’s get started!

Dental Grinding

If you are one of the many people who suffers from bruxism, or chronic dental grinding/jaw clenching, then you are at an increased risk of developing dental damage and thin enamel. Notice whether your jaw joints feel sore during the day, or when you wake up in the morning; this can be a sign that you are clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth.

Using Toothpicks

Trying to dislodge dental debris or plaque using metal or wooden toothpicks can actually inadvertently damage oral tissues, providing harmful oral plaque with an easy access point into your smile. Try to use floss to clear away food particles after meals or to refresh your smile throughout the day. Not only is floss gentle for your smile, it is actually more effective at getting down to the gum tissue and truly clearing away accumulated bacteria.

Chomping on Abrasive Substances

If you regularly chew on hard candies, mints, or ice, you could develop small invisible cracks and weak spots in your enamel. Over time, thin enamel can crack more severely, and lead to dental fracture. Make it a point not to chew on anything that is especially hard; you may be causing damage that you can’t even see.

To learn more about caring for your smile, please don’t hesitate to give our O’Fallon dentists a call. You can also schedule a consultation through our website, or submit an inquiry through our Contact Us page. We look forward to speaking with you!