Our O’Fallon Dentist Can Help You Pick The Right Dental Tools For You, Specifically

Written by Dr. Brace on Nov 16, 2021

As a dental patient, you are unique. Your oral hygiene tools, therefore, should likewise be individualized to suit your needs. Here are some things that our O’Fallon dentists encourage you to consider when choosing oral hygiene products… 


Keep in mind that the only way your dental tools can adequately clean your smile is if they are able to reach those tight spots in the back of your mouth and along your gum line. This is why it is so important to take time to find oral hygiene tools that fit your teeth and mouth. When it comes to floss, be mindful about choosing a width of tape that fits between all of your teeth—this is the only way you can dislodge dental debris, plaque, and food particles.


When we’re cleaning our smiles, we don’t want to forcefully scrub at our teeth and gums, as this can contribute to dental enamel erosion and gum tissue damage. Rather, we want to use gentle tools and products to dislodge plaque while protecting oral tissues. Did you know that a firm-bristled toothbrush is actually too harsh for most patients’ smiles? Talk to your dentist if you want to learn more about the appropriate bristle strength for your cleaning routine.


Finally, there are a number of factors when choosing dental tools that just come down to personal preference. When choosing the color and handle of your toothbrush, for example, we encourage you to think about what you’ll be happiest using day in and day out. The same goes for the flavor of toothpaste and floss that you use—the most important thing is that you look forward to cleaning your smile every morning and night.

Once you optimize your oral hygiene process with the right tools, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re doing everything you can to care for your smile. Ready to get started? Give our O’Fallon dentists a call to learn more!