Our O’Fallon Dentist Addresses 3 Common Myths About Dentistry

Written by Dr. Brace on Jan 30, 2024

At O’Fallon Dental Partnership we pride ourselves on being collaborative with our patients; we truly work together to help you achieve your dental goals.

An important part of the collaborative process is sharing information about dental treatments and technologies. We always want our patients to feel empowered in the dentist’s chair. So, keep reading to learn more from our O’Fallon dentists!

Myth 1: The more I brush, the better off I am

Brushing is an indispensable part of your at-home oral hygiene routine, and the general recommendation from the ADA is that patients brush once in the morning and once before bed. However, if you want to brush more than that, you should talk to your dental team before you alter your routine. Brushing too often (or too hard) can cause your enamel and your gum tissue to thin. Also, keep in mind that you should wait for at least 30 minutes to brush after eating or drinking something acidic.

Myth 2: When you floss, if your gums bleed, continuing to floss is bad for your smile

Obviously, no one wants to see blood when they are cleaning their smiles. However, if you have gotten out of the habit of flossing, it is actually quite normal for your gums to bleed when you start flossing again; this isn’t a bad sign. As you maintain a flossing routine, your gum tissue will get stronger, and the bleeding will subside. With that said, if your gums continue to bleed for weeks or months despite diligent cleaning, reach out to your dentist for help.

Myth 3: Chronic bad breath is simply an inconvenience

There’s no debating that chronic bad breath is annoying and unpleasant, but our O’Fallon dental team wants you to know that it can actually be much more than that. Hard-to-treat bad breath is often a sign of more serious oral health issues, like severe cavities and gum disease. Don’t dismiss malodorous breath, and don’t allow it to persist; contact your dentist for help.

If you have additional questions about oral health or dental treatments, our O’Fallon dentists are here to give you all of the information you need! Give us a call to learn more and to schedule your personal consultation.