Our O’Fallon Dentists Share Tips On Maintaining Oral Health During The Holidays

Written by Dr. Brace on Dec 1, 2020

Every year as the holidays roll around, it seems like our lives become inundated with delicious sweets and treats. And, while these goodies undoubtedly make the season more festive, they can really take a toll on our smiles over time. That is why our O’Fallon dentists are here to share some advice on how to care for your smile during this celebratory time of year. Let’s get started! 

Pay Attention to Problem Ingredients

For many of us, the holidays are a celebratory time filled with cookies, candies, and festive drinks. And, while all of these treats can help us to feel comfortable and at home, they can also create a comfortable homey environment for oral bacteria in our mouths.

The same harmful bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease use sugars and refined carbohydrates as fuel. So, in times when we are consuming more sugar than usual, we also want to be extra vigilant about cleaning and refreshing our smiles.

Rinse Routinely

Taking the time to quickly rinse your smile after eating and drinking can make a huge difference to the way your smile looks and feels. There are a couple of goals when it comes to rinsing your smile:

  • Remove sugary or acidic food particles
  • Dislodge plaque
  • Make it difficult for bacteria to proliferate
  • Increase the amount of saliva (which neutralizes bacteria and re-mineralizes enamel)

Make it a point to rinse your mouth with water throughout the day, and especially after consuming something sugary or acidic. 

Indulge Thoughtfully

There are a few things that you can do to minimize the effects of sugars and acids on your smile.

  • Pre-plan a time of day during which you will consume sugary or acidic substances
  • Wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes after acid exposure to brush your teeth (your dental enamel is temporarily weakened during this period of time)
  • Keep your diet pretty healthy outside of pre-planned periods of indulgence

Following these simple steps will make it more difficult for harmful oral bacteria to flourish and infiltrate your enamel.

Our O’Fallon dentists are here to answer all of your questions, and to help you build an oral hygiene plan that works for your smile, specifically. Give us a call to get started!