Our O’Fallon Dentists Give Hope To Patients With Serious Dental Damage

Written by Dr. Brace on Nov 8, 2015

Our O’Fallon Dentists Give Hope To Patients With Serious Dental Damage

It used to be that people who had severely damaged smiles did not have many dental options. The marvels of modern dentistry, however, have changed all of that. Now, our O’Fallon dentists have the state-of-the-art dental technology needed to restore infected or fractured smiles.

Here are some key treatments that we use to repair and rebuild smiles:

1. Dental implants

These replacement teeth are designed to stand alone, and stay in place permanently. Once the dental implant base is inserted into the patient’s jawbone, our dental team caps it off with a natural looking restoration. Dental implants are the most complete replacement teeth available in dentistry today.

2. Dentures

If you are missing many consecutive teeth, a denture can help you reclaim a full smile quickly. Plus, our dental team can keep your denture in place by grounding it into place with mini dental implant roots.

3. Lumineers

Porcelain Lumineers, which are permanently attached over a patient’s natural teeth, can help restore both the appearance and the stability of a patient’s smile. Lumineers make a patient’s smile look whole, and perfected.

4. Dental crowns

When a tooth has to be altered because it is infected or damaged, our dental team will remove then unstable part of the tooth. Then, we can restore the tooth—both its appearance and its structure—with a natural looking dental crown. These crowns look like natural teeth, and they allow the patient to eat, speak, and drink easily, even after severe dental damage.

No matter what your smile currently looks or feels like, our dental team has the treatments that you need to reclaim the smile of your dreams. When you are ready to get started, please feel free to call our O’Fallon dentists, or submit a comment through our Contact Us page. The possibilities are endless thanks to advances in modern dentistry!