Oral Conscious Sedation Reviewed and Explained By Our O’Fallon Dentist

Written by Dr. Brace on Jan 19, 2016

Sedation dentistry has been life changing for many anxious and stressed out dental patients. One relaxation treatment in particular, oral conscious sedation, provides a number of benefits for many different types of dental patients.

Let’s learn more about how our O’Fallon sedation dentists use oral conscious sedation treatment to help people!

Oral conscious sedation is used to help people who have debilitating dental anxiety; these are the same patients who have trouble even stepping in the door for dental treatment. Oral conscious sedation can also help keep dental patients comfortable during more severe, or multi-phased dental treatments.

So let’s say that we determine that oral conscious sedation is right for you! What happens next?

Our dental team will prescribe you a sedative in the form of a small pill. Then, you’ll take this pill about an hour before you need to come in for your dental appointment. This allows plenty of time for the sedative to kick in.

By the time that you get into our office for your appointment, you’ll already be feeling calm and relaxed. It is important to note that you’ll need someone to transport you to your appointment, as the oral sedative will have already kicked in.

The sedative that we prescribe never renders the patient unconscious. This means that you’ll be able to communicate with our dental team throughout the treatment process. However, oral conscious sedation medication has amnesiac effects! So although you’ll be able to respond to our dental team while in the dentist’s chair, you likely won’t remember any details of treatment when you get home!

If you want to figure out whether you are a good candidate for oral conscious sedation, please feel free to call our O’Fallon dentists to schedule a consultation. Oral conscious sedation may be the treatment you’ve been searching for!