O’Fallon Dentist Shares Info On Ways You Can Improve Your Dental Routine

Written by Dr. Brace on Dec 21, 2023

Getting the most out of your at-home oral hygiene routine is easier than you may think. There are a number of small tweaks and alterations that you can make to your daily schedule in order to see better results. Keep reading to get some tips from our O’Fallon dentist…

Refresh You Smile Regularly

Bacterial plaque is always building up in your mouth. That’s why you need to be just a vigilant about fighting it. One simple way to discourage bacterial activity is to rinse your mouth with water or a formulated rinse throughout the day.

Schedule Ahead

Because there are certain times of the day during which your dental enamel is temporarily softened, you want to mindful about when, specifically, you brush your teeth. The main thing to keep mind is that enamel is softened by acid exposure. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes post-eating or drinking for your enamel to return to its normal state. So, try to hold off on brushing until your enamel is back to normal.

Upgrade Your Flossing Routine

It may sound kind of strange, but the truth is that not all flosses are created equal. When you are picking floss, choose one that that is an appropriate thickness/width. You should be able to fit the floss between all of your teeth, and from the top of the dental crown down into the gum tissue.

Give our O’Fallon dentists a call if you have any questions about daily dental care, or if you want to schedule a personal consultation. We’re here to help you!