O’Fallon Relaxation Dentist Helps Many Types Of People With Calming Dental Solutions

Written by Dr. Brace on Feb 3, 2015

Dental treatment simply isn’t a walk in the park for everyone. It is very common for patients—of all ages—to show up to our O’Fallon dentist office already feeling stressed or concerned about what is going to happen in the dentist’s chair.

Dental anxiety is incredibly common, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be something that you put up with. Our dental team offers sedation treatment that will help you feel at ease, so that you can get the high quality, comprehensive dental care that you need to stay healthy.

Many people are strong candidates for oral conscious sedation. This is a very patient-friendly sedation option, because all you have to do in order to get started is to take a small pill. In fact, you will take this pill at home, before you even get to our office, so that you feel relaxed and stress-free before you even walk through our door.

During the oral conscious sedation process you will never be “knocked out.” This is why it is called conscious sedation. You will always be awake and able to communicate with our dental team. But here’s the thing, once treatment is over, you probably won’t remember any of it! This is because the oral conscious sedation medication includes an amnesic effect. Oral conscious sedation combines the best of both worlds: you are never unconscious during treatment, but you also don’t have to deal with any memories of dental care once you’re out of the dentist’s chair.

Oral conscious sedation is hugely beneficial, sometimes even smile saving, for many people. Our O’Fallon sedation dentists have seen patients completely change their perspectives on dental treatment after discovering oral conscious sedation.

So if you have been avoiding dental care because you feel anxious or scared, take the first step toward reclaiming your smile and give our office a call!