O’Fallon Dentist Shares Simply Steps To Refresh Your Smile Throughout The Day

Written by Dr. Brace on Apr 28, 2015

Every single day, no matter what we do, plaque develops on our teeth and gums. Plaque is simply a byproduct of living—the foods and drinks that we consume contribute to plaque development, and oral bacteria naturally grows and proliferates.

However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t take steps to limit plaque’s hold on your smile! There are things that you can do during the day to combat plaque in the moment.

Short disclaimer: don’t skip the basics of a good oral hygiene routine—brush and floss as recommended by your dentist!

Here are some additional things that you can do during the day to battle plaque build-up.

1. Drink plenty of water

Water consumption is so great for your smile! First of all, every time that you choose water over juices, soft drinks, etc. you expose your smile to less damaging sugars and carbonation. Plus, adequate water consumption allows your body to produce oral-health-boosting saliva.

2. Rinse with water after eating and drinking

This simple step minimizes the amount of time that bacteria can sit on your smile. Additionally, when you rinse with water you dislodge dental debris from those hard-to-reach spots in your mouth.

3. Skip that toothpick

If you do find that you have food stuck between your teeth, use floss to clear it away, rather than using a pointy toothpick. Floss is gentler on your smile, and less likely to cause abrasions on your oral tissues.

4. Snack smartly

For additional oral health benefits, try to snack on crunchy veggies like carrots and celery. As you chew on these vegetables, they actually scrape plaque from your dental surfaces. Plus, these foods have high water contents, which further helps your smile.

Our O’Fallon dentists are happy to give you the guidance that you need on how to care for your smile every day. You can reach our team by phone, or through our website using the Contact Us page.