O’Fallon Dentist Helps You Recognize Visible Signs Of Possible Dental Problems

Written by Dr. Brace on Mar 31, 2015

Our O’Fallon dental team helps all kinds of dental patients make good decisions for their smiles. We really try to empower our patients to notice changes to their smiles at home, so that they can spot and seek treatment for dental issues in a timely manner.

That is why, today, we are going to be talking about some potentially problematic visible dental changes that you may notice day to day. Stay alert for these aesthetic changes in your own smile! As always, the best treatment plan is a prompt treatment plan!

Dark spots

Sometimes cavities are actually visible as brown or grey spots on the dental enamel. If you notice that one of your teeth has a spot of discoloration, especially if it is in a crevice of the tooth, have your dentist look at it. Sometimes these spots are simply aesthetic discoloration, and sometimes they are spots of infection.

Dental damage

Also, take the time to reach out to your dentist if your teeth develop cracks or chips. Even if these spots of damage are quite small, they can leave your teeth vulnerable to even further damage, and serve as entry points for oral bacteria to infect your teeth.

Dental dulling

You may notice that some of your teeth start to look dull and dark over time. Sometimes, this is indicative of damage to the core/root of the tooth (damaged teeth can start to look gray or brown). Dental dullness may also be a sign that your dental enamel is thinning. So talk to your dental team if you see these changes in your smile!

Our O’Fallon dentists are happy to give you any additional information that you need about signs of dental damage and the many restorative treatments that we use to address these problems. We look forward to speaking with you!