O’Fallon Dentist Explains Potentially Harmful Every Day Dental Dangers

Written by Dr. Brace on Mar 7, 2016

O’Fallon Dentist Explains Potentially Harmful Every Day Dental Dangers

As you go throughout your daily routine, you might be putting your smile at risk without even realizing it. Our O’Fallon dentists want to help you safeguard your smile from everyday threats. So today we are giving you more information about the types of things to look out for!

Foods and Drinks

There are many foods and drinks that may put your smile at risk. Substances that are rich in sugars and refined carbohydrates ramp up oral bacteria production. Also, foods, and especially drinks, that are acidic will weaken dental enamel and leave your smile at risk. Additionally, if you are chewing and eating hard candies and/or ice you may be causing microchips in your enamel.

Stress Related Habits

When people get stressed, they often tense up and exhibit their stress physically. It is very common, for example, for people to grind or clench their teeth when they start to feel anxious or tired. This causes the patient’s teeth to rub against each other; the enamel vs. enamel action thins dental enamel and leads to fracture.

Spot Cleaning During The Day

If you find that you have food or debris stuck in your teeth throughout the day, please take the time to clean it out the right way! Do not use wooden or metal toothpicks to pry it out—this can lead to enamel and gum tissue damage. Rather, rinse your mouth with water to loosen debris, and use floss to get between teeth.

Keep these issues in mind when you are caring for your smile during the day. By making good decisions in your daily routine, you help to protect your smile for years to come. Please feel free to call our O’Fallon dentists if you have questions, or if you’d like to schedule a personal consultation with our dental team.