How to Handle Common Dental Issues Explained By Our O’Fallon Dentists

Written by Dr. Brace on Jan 18, 2022

When patients come in for dental treatment, one of the most common reasons they give us is because their teeth are hurting. Our O’Fallon dentists want you to live comfortably again with a beautiful smile! Keep reading if this sounds like something that could be affecting your life…

Dental discomfort can pop up for all kinds of reasons—some of which are serious, and some of which are more inconvenient than anything else. At its foundation, dental pain is an indication that sensitive nerves in your teeth are too exposed to outside elements and irritants. This can happen when…

  • Dental enamel becomes thin and porous
  • Dental enamel cracks or chips
  • Your tooth become infected with a bacterial cavity
  • Your gums are pulling away from your teeth
  • Your dental alignment is shifting and putting unnecessary pressure on adjacent teeth

When you come in for an assessment with our O’Fallon dentists we will screen your smile for these types of problems. Based on what we find, we may recommend a number of treatment options and “next steps,” to help you on your way to recovery.

One oft-used type of restorative treatment is dental bonding with composite resin. Bonding allows our team to cover sensitive enamel, and even rebuild missing portions of your tooth with custom-shaded resin. Likewise, individual dental restorations can repair damaged teeth—restoring your tooth to its whole and healthy state.

For some patients, treating discomfort is all about repairing diminished oral tissues. If your gums are pulling away from your teeth, for example, the gaps between your tissue and teeth are prone to sensitivity. In these cases, our dentist will likely recommend restorative gum tissue treatment as well as oral health improvements that encourage tissue regeneration.

Don’t let dental discomfort derail you for years to come. Dealing with these problems promptly can make all the difference to the way your smile looks and feels down the road. Want to learn more? Give our O’Fallon dentists a call!