Combat Premature Dental Aging With Help From Our O’Fallon Dentists

Written by Dr. Brace on Feb 20, 2019

Combat Premature Dental Aging With Help From Our O’Fallon Dentists

Maintaining a fresh and young looking smile takes some foresight, dedication, and knowledge, but it is absolutely possible! Our O’Fallon dentists are here to give you some more information about key issues that may age your smile, and what you can do about them.

  • Discoloration

Have you ever noticed that young teeth are naturally pretty white and shiny? This is because the dental enamel is still thick and healthy; the wear and tear of daily life has yet to thin and weaken the outer layer of the tooth. You want to do everything you can to keep your enamel strong for the long-term. This means caring for your smile as recommended by our dentist, minimizing your consumption of sugars and acidic substances, and seeking treatment for bruxism (dental grinding) as soon as you notice it. If you’re dealing with environmental stains from deeply colored foods, drinks, and tobacco products, professional whitening treatments can lift these stains and help restore the smile to its previous level of whiteness.

  • Worn Down Teeth

Over time, the edges of your teeth can start to wear down and appear blunted. This may happen if your chewing surfaces are poorly aligned, and it can also occur if you suffer from bruxism. Unfortunately, this issue makes your teeth look too short, and oddly shaped. Our dental team uses dental bonding, porcelain veneers, and custom crowns to help patient rebuild diminished dental enamel.

  • Minor Enamel Damage

If you’re struggling with fragile and weaker dental enamel, you may be seeing some small cracks and chips develop on your teeth. This type of damage makes your smile look older, and these dental imperfections can collect dental debris and unsightly bacteria over time. You want to have this type of damage corrected as soon as possible; depending on the extent of your dental issues you may need to use bonding, restorations, or both in combination in order to achieve healthy and attractive teeth.

It’s impossible to completely avoid signs of aging on your smile—times does go on, after all! However, there are steps that you can take to minimize these issues, and to treat them with professional solutions when they do occur. To get more information, please reach out to our O’Fallon cosmetic dentists by phone, or through the Contact Us page on our site. We look forward to speaking with you!