Restore Your Teeth And Your Smile With Help From Our O’Fallon Dentists

Written by Dr. Brace on Jun 7, 2016

Too often, people with existing dental decay and damage avoid dental care because they feel embarrassed and discouraged. Unfortunately, this often leads to further dental problems down the road, and it causes the patient to hide his or her smile in daily life.

Our O’Fallon dentists provide the treatments that these patients need to restore their smiles and regain oral health. Today we are providing an overview of some of the most commonly used restorative treatments in our dental office.

One of the key substances that we use to restore teeth is dental resin. Dental resin can be molded to fit the patient’s specific needs, and it can also be custom-shaded to blend with the person’s dental enamel. The process of applying dental resin is pretty straightforward; our team places the resin on the tooth and shapes it appropriately, then we cure the resin so that it hardens and bonds to the tooth.

Another option to restore diminished dental enamel is a porcelain restoration. For example, dental crowns are used to rebuild missing portions of specific teeth. Dental LUMINEERS, which are also crafted from porcelain, cover visible enamel in order to help the patient achieve aesthetic dental transformations—from professional dental whitening, to creating a more seamless smile, to covering damaged enamel.

Some patients that we see have already lost teeth due to infection or trauma. In these cases our dental team will recommend a tooth replacement treatment that can make your smile whole again. Dentures, for example, are used to replace several consecutive missing teeth. Dental implants are stand-alone replacement teeth that are actually embedded in the jawbone tissue—we can use single implants or a number of implants to suit your needs.

To learn more about the restorative treatments available to you, please feel free to reach out to our O’Fallon dental team to get started!