Ready to Transform Your Smile? Our O’Fallon Cosmetic Dentists Can Help

Written by Dr. Brace on Jan 17, 2023

If you are in any way unhappy with your smile, our O’Fallon aesthetic dentists are here to help you. Today we are getting the ball rolling by reviewing some of the most popular dental treatments we offer. When you are ready to improve the state of your smile, you may benefit from…

Dental Whitening: professional whitening treatments lift stains from the surface of your smile, and return your enamel to its natural shade. Many patients achieve visible results after just one whitening session, but these treatments can be repeated over time to intensify and maintain results.

Composite Fillings: using dental resin, our team can close gaps between your teeth, repair dental damage, lengthen short enamel, and make misaligned teeth appear more even and seamless. We are able to place, shape, and cure resin in just one appointment; this is one of the fastest and most versatile ways to achieve your dental goals. 

Veneers: a veneer is a thin cosmetic restoration; it is only about as thick as a contact lens. Once a veneer is bonded to your natural tooth it will completely cover and transform the appearance of that tooth. Over the course of two or three appointments our team will prep your tooth for treatment, and then craft veneers to your specifications, before attaching them.

Tooth Replacement: dental implant technology has transformed the way our O’Fallon dentists can treat tooth loss. Implant technology allows our team to permanently ground your replacement teeth using titanium posts that extend into your jaw tissue. Essentially, this part of your replacement tooth mimics the natural tooth root. Dental implants deliver natural looking and feeling results, while supporting healthy jawbone tissue.

No matter where you are at on your dental journey, our O’Fallon cosmetic dentists are here to help you get to your dream smile. Give us a call to schedule a personal consultation!