Our O’Fallon Root Canal Dentist Helps Patients Understand This Treatment

Written by Dr. Brace on Apr 27, 2021

For many people, the thought of undergoing root canal therapy is somewhat stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! When you take the time to investigate it, root canal therapy isn’t nearly as scary or intimidating as it may seem. Keep reading to learn more from our O’Fallon root canal dentists.

Why Might I Need A Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is designed to treat the core of a damaged tooth, which includes dental pulp and roots. When a tooth is so severely damaged that the dental core is harmed, our team uses root canal therapy to clear away unsalvageable dental tissues. Ultimately the goal is to as save much of the remaining healthy tooth structure as possible, and to restore the tooth.

What Is The Treatment Process Like?

The first stage of treatment is all about a thorough assessment—our team determines which parts of your tooth are damaged, and which are healthy. There are a number of types of sedation or numbing agents will keep you comfortable during every stage of a the treatment process.

As we begin root canal therapy, our team will start removing infected or dental enamel, dentin, and tissues/nerves/roots. Once the tooth is essentially hollowed out, we will fill and restore the tooth with a crown. The end result is a treated tooth that looks whole, functions optimally, and is free from pain.  

How Do I Get Started?

The first step in the treatment process is a thorough assessment. Our team needs to determine how severely damaged your tooth is, and how much dental material needs to be removed. If you suspect that you have a deeply damaged tooth, it’s time to reach out to your dentist for an evaluation.

Here are some common problems associated with severe dental damage. If you are experiencing any of these issues, give your dental team a call! 

  • brown or gray spots of discoloration
  • dental pain
  • receding gum tissue
  • hard-to-treat bad breath

If your dentist determines that you need a root canal, please don’t ignore their recommendation—root canal therapy can save your smile! Contact our O’Fallon dentists for more information and support.