Our O’Fallon Dentist Discusses 3 Things That You Can Do To Overcome Chronic Bad Breath

Written by Dr. Brace on Aug 20, 2019

We all experience bad breath occasionally, but when it becomes a chronic problem it can really disrupt your life. That’s when it’s time to reach out for help from our O’Fallon dentists. Keep reading to get 3 tips on how to deal with problematic bad breath. 

Keep Water Handy

Water is the #1 friend to your smile and enemy to bad breath. Every time that you sip on some water, you help to clear away dental debris and bacteria, and you also prompt saliva production in your mouth. Because saliva is your body’s natural way of neutralizing bacteria, you really want to encourage a saliva-rich environment. Keep water handy at your desk or around the house, and make a point and sip from it continuously. 

Be Selective When Choosing Products

Sometimes you feel like you just need a quick fix to refresh you smile on the go. The thing is, you want to be mindful and intentional when you purchase mints and gum. Oral bacteria absolutely love sugars—they use them to feed and grow. So, it’s very important that you choose formulations that are sugar-free. When you combat bad breath with sugary formulations, you may actually be compounding the underlying problem.

Snack And Sip Smartly 

It’s important to remember that oral bacteria stay active and feeding for about 20 to 30 minutes after you eat or drink (anything other than water). One goal, therefore, is to limit the amount of time that oral bacteria are able to be active and feeding. Try to eat and drink during specific periods throughout the day, rather than snacking and sipping continually. And take a minute to rinse your mouth with water after a meal—this helps to pump up saliva production.

If you’re dealing with chronic bad breath, there are treatment solutions available to you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our O’Fallon dentists to learn more and schedule a personal consultation.