O’Fallon Dentures Dentist Talks About Partial and Complete Dentures for Tooth Replacement

Written by Dr. Brace on Sep 27, 2011

When many people think of dentures they picture an old lady with her teeth flapping out of her mouth. This picture is horribly outdated! And unfortunately it deters many patients from getting partial or complete dentures that could dramatically change their lives. With modern technology, dentures are more natural looking, and easier to use than ever before. Here I’m going to review some options our O’Fallon dentures dentists offer for patients suffering from tooth loss. Depending on your situation you may benefit from partial or complete dentures.


So What’s The Difference?


If you’re missing all of your teeth on either the top or lower jaw you may benefit from complete dentures. These dentures are fitted to your gums, and they stay in place with dental adhesive. With complete dentures you can regain the appearance of a complete smile along with the functionality of a full set of teeth.


If, on the other hand, you are missing some teeth, but you still have natural, healthy teeth on your jaw line, you may be able to use partial dentures. These dentures replace teeth with a smaller denture piece. Partial dentures are affixed to adjacent teeth. Natural teeth hold partial dentures in place, and simultaneously partial dentures keep teeth from shifting or moving along the gum line.


Both of these tooth-replacement options can help you feel more confident and happy with your smile. There’s not reason to go through life trying to hide your teeth—you have options with comfortable, modern dentures. Give our O’Fallon dentures dentists a call—we can answer all of your questions and get you on the way to your dream smile— (636) 614-1217.