O’Fallon Dentures Dentist Office Uses High-Quality Geneva 2000 Dentures to Replace Teeth

Written by Dr. Brace on Dec 25, 2012

Too many patients avoid seeking dental treatment after tooth loss because they feel embarrassed about the states of their smiles, or their afraid that replacement teeth will actually make their smiles look goofier! Dental technology has come a long way, and patients no longer need to worry about replacement tooth that look fake or clunky. Our O’Fallon dentures dentists are proud to offer Geneva 2000 dentures, which are better than standard dentures both functionally and aesthetically.

Over the years dentists have heard a lot of complaints about “one size fits all” dentures. The Geneva 2000 denture is what resulted from listening to these concerns—this is a more attractive and comfortable denture for today’s patient.

Geneva dentures it on top of the gum line, so they attach much like standard dentures do. However, because Geneva dentures are custom-fit for each patient, they require less dental adhesive in order to ensure a good fit. Patients can eat and speak easily with these dentures—they truly provide an exceptionally stable fit.

Geneva dentures also look more natural than many dentures you’ve seen in the past. They’re specifically designed to complement your appearance. They’re sized, shaped and shaded for each individual patient.

· The shape of your dentures will be determined by your natural teeth and by your gender (as males and females naturally have different tooth shapes).

· The sizes of your replacement teeth are determined by the size of your mouth and your natural teeth.

· Your dentures will also be colored to blend with your natural teeth—they’ll never look too bright or fake.

As you can see Geneva dentures are personalized and custom-crafted to fit your appearance and your life. Learn more about these revolutionary dentures by calling our O’Fallon dentures dentist office or by submitting an inquiry online!