O’Fallon Dentist Reviews Reasons Why Professional Cleanings Matter

Written by Dr. Brace on Jan 26, 2021

The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that patients of all ages undergo professional dental cleanings and assessments every six months or so. Your specific schedule may be different, especially if you have underlying oral health issues.

This article from our O’Fallon dentists is all about why semi-annual cleanings matter. We hope that this overview gives you a better idea of the importance of professional appointments. Let’s get started!


As plaque sits in on your teeth for an extended period of time, it inevitably hardens and bonds to the tooth’s surface. This is called calculus/tartar, and it is very difficult for patients to clear away on their one. One goal of the six-month cleaning is to get rid of this tartar and give you a clean-slate to maintain. You’ll likely notice that your mouth feels and looks cleaner after a professional cleaning.

Comprehensive Cleaning 

No matter how well you clean your smile, and we know you’re doing a good job, there will be always be dental debris and plaque that is gets behind. The purpose of a professional dental cleaning is to get rid of accumulated plaque, tartar, and dental debris. Then, when you brush, floss, and use mouth rinse you’ll be able to clear away even more oral bacteria to maintain a fresh smile.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection and timely treatment can be so critical when it comes to treating oral cancers. When you come in for your semi-annual appointment, our dental team will screen your smile for problematic changes. Sometimes symptoms can be as subtle as changes in texture, color, or resiliency of tissue.

Personal Attention

Our dental team is a resource for you as a dental patient.  We are here to answer your questions and guide you toward the right dental solutions for you. When our team is able to see your smile on a regular basis, we get a better idea of what’s happening with your oral health, whether treatments are working for you, and how your oral health is changing over time. 

No matter how long it has been since you’ve undergone a professional cleaning, our O’Fallon dental team is here to help you. There’s no judgement—only help and support!