O’Fallon Dentist Describes Treatment Methods for Fighting Bad Breath

Written by Dr. Brace on Apr 24, 2012

When our patient Dan came to our O’Fallon dental office, he was horrified to tell us that he had been suffering from chronic and pretty stubborn bad breath. Dan was embarrassed to be suffering from bad breath, but he didn’t need to be. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is quite common among adult patients. We explained to Dan that with proper treatment and preventative care, he could minimize his bad breath and reclaim his dental health!


The first thing we made sure of was that Dan was brushing and flossing his teeth both morning and night. Dan acknowledged that, although he brushed twice a day, he sometimes forgot to floss, so we first suggested that he incorporate twice daily flossing into his routine.


The next thing we had Dan do was include a mouthwash into his morning and evening routine. Mouthwashes help to kill the bacteria you may have otherwise missed brushing and flossing. This simple extra step can make a great deal of difference in managing your breath.


We also spoke to Dan about his eating habits, through perhaps not for the reasons you’d think. Obviously certain foods like garlic and onions can contribute to bad breath, but it also matters how often you eat. Skipping meals can decrease saliva production, increasing the prevalence of oral bacteria in your mouth. It’s important therefore it eat regularly, and drink plenty of water to keep up saliva production.


With these simple steps Dan was able to keep his breath fresh and clean smelling. He made sure to eat regularly, and rinse with water after eating in order to clean out any stray food particles. When we saw Dan again in six months for his regular cleaning he was happy to report that his breath was as fresh as ever, and his mouth felt healthier as well!


If you’re suffering from bad breath, there are steps you can take to eliminate it. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with our O’Fallon dentists or to learn more information.