O’Fallon Dental Implant Dentist Explains The Mini Dental Implant Placement Process

Written by Dr. Brace on Mar 26, 2013

If you’re missing teeth, it’s important that you find a replacement tooth solution that enhances the health as well as the appearance of your smile. More and more patients are turning to dental implants and mini dental implants because these treatments are effective, attractive, and health-enhancing. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to get mini dental implants, this article is for you. Our O’Fallon dental implant dentists have put together this explanation of the mini dental implant treatment process…

Mini dental implants differ from conventional implants in that the titanium root of the mini dental implant is much thinner than the full-sized implant root. This affects the placement process in a number of ways…

The major difference between these two treatments is that mini dental implant placement is less invasive than full-sized implant placement.

· This means that mini dental implants can be placed and completed in just one day. Full-sized implant roots, on the other hand, require a lengthy recovery time—a few months—before they can be capped with dental restorations.

· Due to their streamlined silhouette, mini dental implants can also be placed with minimal sedation. Many patients choose to have mini dental implants placed with local anesthesia. Full-sized dental implants require more comprehensive sedation treatments, like general anesthesia.

· Due to the shorter treatment timeline, mini dental implant treatment is substantially less expensive than conventional dental implant treatment.

Mini dental implants can even help you anchor your existing dentures or bridges—providing further stability! Do you have more questions about dental implant treatment or mini dental implants? Our O’Fallon dental implant dentists are here to answer your questions and help you make the best treatment decision for your smile.

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