O’Fallon Cosmetic Dentist Reviews Two Common Cosmetic Treatments that Transform Teeth Quickly

Written by Dr. Brace on Aug 28, 2012

Many patients are trying to rejuvenate their teeth on a specific timeline. Maybe they’re getting ready for a wedding or a reunion, or maybe they’re just tired of waiting to achieve the smile of their dreams. Either way, efficient cosmetic treatments are popular among patients because they can help you achieve a dazzling smile without a delayed timeline. Our O’Fallon dental office offers a number of cosmetic treatments—but two quick cosmetic treatments are becoming more and more popular with patients.

Teeth whitening treatment

Professional teeth whitening treatment is a simple, effective way to rejuvenate your teeth and take years off of your smile. Dark, dull dental enamel can be transformed with professional whitening treatments—bleaching treatment lightens stains and makes teeth appear more luminous. And best of all, patients see results after just one or two whitening treatments—often seeing their teeth lighten by several shades.

Porcelain dental veneers

With dental veneers our O’Fallon cosmetic dentists can straighten the appearance of your smile, close gaps between your teeth, and lighten the appearance of teeth. Veneers can also be used to correct structural flaws in teeth—such as uneven edges and cracks and chips. Plus, if you have some teeth that appear too large or too small in comparison to your other teeth, your veneers can be crafted to make your smile appear more balanced and even.

Dental veneers can generally be placed in only three appointments—meaning that you can achieve a total smile transformation in much less time than with traditional cosmetic treatments. And if you’re looking to correct multiple cosmetic options at once, veneers can save you time and money, because you wont have to wait for multiple cosmetic treatments to complete before you see results.

With modern cosmetic dentistry, you can achieve a beautiful smile faster than ever before. Our O’Fallon cosmetic dentists can help you choose which cosmetic option is right for you, give us a call to schedule your consultation!