O’Fallon Cosmetic Dentist Reviews How to Treat Dental Discoloration Due to Infection

Written by Dr. Brace on Feb 7, 2012

My patient Vanessa came in to our office looking for a way to rejuvenate and brighten her smile. Vanessa had suffered from some severe cavities, and chronic dental problems had definitely left their mark on her smile.


When your tooth becomes infected with harmful bacteria, one of the first signs of infection that you may notice is dental discoloration. Dental enamel—the hard white outer surface of the tooth—is the first line of defense against infection. If the enamel wears away and becomes infected, it can become dark brown or black in spots.


As the infection moves through the tooth to the dentin and dental pulp, which lie below the dental enamel, the entire tooth can take on a darker, duller appearance. Once these dental infections are treated, you may still notice some residual staining and dental darkening.

The good news is that with modern cosmetic dentistry techniques our O’Fallon cosmetic dentists can drastically improve the appearance of teeth that appear duller or darker due to infection. If you natural enamel isn’t as white as you’d prefer, professional whitening treatments can lighten the appearance of your teeth. These treatments utilize hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to actually bleach teeth beyond their current level of whiteness.


If your teeth have been severely damaged, and dental bleaching treatments are not effective, you may benefit from cosmetic treatments that actually resurface the appearance of teeth. Dental veneers, because they completely resurface dental enamel, can correct even the most damaged dental enamel. Dental veneers may be especially useful if you experience both discoloration and pits or grooves in your enamel, because both of these problems can be corrected at once.


The first thing to do, no matter what your cosmetic concern, is to have your teeth assessed and treated for any infections. Once your teeth are healthy, our O’Fallon cosmetic dental office will help you reclaim your brilliantly white smile.