O’Fallon Veneers Dentist Gives an Overview of How to Care for Dental Veneers at Home

Written by Dr. Brace on Oct 7, 2012

Everyday our patients take steps to maintain their teeth and keep their mouths in tiptop shape. Our O’Fallon dental office is here to help you, our patient, get the most out of their daily dental hygiene routines. That’s why today we’re going to explain how you should care for porcelain veneers with daily dental hygiene.

Dental veneers don’t require a good deal of specialized care, but there are some steps that you can take to keep your porcelain veneers looking bright and luminous. If you have dental veneers, or if you’re considering veneers, read on for more information!

Once your veneers are placed, they’ll be bonded to your natural teeth and they won’t be readily removable. So when you clean your teeth by brushing and flossing, you should clean your dental veneers the same way. Flossing around your dental veneer will help keep the tooth root strong and prevent gum disease.

Thorough and regular cleaning will also help keep your veneers looking bright and white. Veneers are shaded to enhance a patient’s smile and to blend seamlessly with teeth. Because porcelain is stain resistant, you’ll enjoy some build in protection from staining. However, if you drink coffee, cola, or red wine regularly, or if you use tobacco products, you could still experience discoloration over time. Your dentist can help you decide what to do in order to refresh your dental veneers if they’re looking dull. Because teeth whitening treatments don’t work on porcelain, you’ll nee to refresh your veneers at the dentist’s office.

Maintaining dental veneers doesn’t have to be overly difficult. With regular, thorough dental care, you can enjoy a bright, clean smile for years to come. Our O’Fallon dental office can walk you through the process—contact us for more information or to schedule your personal cosmetic consultation!