O’Fallon Restorative Dentist Provides Overview Of Common Tooth Replacement Options

Written by Dr. Brace on May 11, 2016

O’Fallon Restorative Dentist Provides Overview Of Common Tooth Replacement Options

Tooth loss not only creates aesthetic problems for the sufferer; it also leaves the person at risk for a wide range of oral health related problems. This is why it is so important that tooth loss be corrected quickly and effectively with some type of replacement tooth.

Today our O’Fallon dentists will be providing you with information on some of the most commonly employed tooth replacement treatments in dentistry. Hopefully, this overview will help you feel more confident moving forward necessary restorative treatment.

One of the most tried and true treatments for tooth loss is the denture. Dentures are designed to replace many missing teeth in a row. It used to be that dentures sat on top of the gum tissue, and stayed in place due to the custom-fit base as well as dental adhesive. Now, however, our dental team can actually permanently embed the denture into the patient’s smile using mini dental implant roots.

A bridge is another dental prosthetic option; a bridge stays in place because it actually bracketed to adjacent natural teeth. This treatment is sometimes problematic because it puts unnecessary strain on natural teeth.

Dental implants are stand-alone replacement teeth that mimic the structure of a natural tooth. This means that every dental implant has a titanium root that fills in for the natural tooth root. This root is capped with a natural looking, sturdy dental restoration. The final result is a replacement tooth that is strong, stable, permanent, and simple to care for. As we have previously mentioned, it is also possible to use implant roots to hold other dental prosthetics, like dentures, in place.

Choosing a replacement tooth is a highly personal process. Our O’Fallon dentists are here to help you assess your options and choose the right one for you. Please call our dental team for more information or to schedule a consultation.