O’Fallon LUMINEERS Dentist Uses LUMINEERS In Place of Orthodontic Treatment

Written by Dr. Brace on Mar 11, 2014

As cosmetic dentistry options have evolved and become more advanced, patients are able to avoid some of the less convenient dental treatments of the past. The dental LUMINEER is one of the latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry. LUMINEERS are used to correct a wide number of cosmetic problems, but one of their most exciting applications has to do with how they can obviate the need for braces. Let’s find out more about how this treatment works from our O’Fallon LUMINEER dentist.

As the first step in your treatment process, you will meet with our dental team to discuss what you would like to change about your smile. Our team will use this information to help us determine whether LUMINEERS are right for you.

If you want to straighten the appearance of misaligned teeth or close gaps in your smile, you could potentially benefit from either braces or LUMINEERS. If, however, you want to achieve aesthetic results in the fastest, most comfortable way possible, then LUMINEERS are likely your best choice.

Our dental team will make sure that your LUMINEERS fit your smile exactly. To achieve orthodontic results with LUMINEERS, we simply craft your LUMINEERS to make your smile look straight and seamless.

· Misaligned teeth will be treated with LUMINEERS that are slightly built up in thickness in certain places. When the LUMINEER is applied to your teeth, the front face of the restoration will sit flush against your other teeth—giving your smile a smooth appearance.

· If you want to close gaps between your teeth, our dentist will make sure that your LUMINEERS are slightly wider than your natural teeth. When your LUMINEERS are applied, they will extend past the edges of your real teeth, and close the spaces in your smile.

Ready to learn more about this exciting dentistry option? Call our O’Fallon LUMINEER dentist office to get started today!