O’Fallon LUMINEERS Dentist Reviews The Aesthetic Dental Problems that LUMINEERS are Designed to Correct

Written by Dr. Brace on Jun 4, 2013

Most of us are not born with a perfect smile. The good news is that cosmetic dentistry treatments can take your smile from sup-par to sparkling! Our O’Fallon cosmetic dentists offer a number of effective cosmetic treatments. Today we will be talking about one of these treatments in greater detail—dental LUMINEERS. Let’s learn more about what LUMINEERS can do!

Because LUMINEERS are designed to cover the tooth’s visible dental enamel, they have a wide variety of cosmetic applications. If you would like to improve your smile in any of the following ways, LUMINEERS may be able to help.

I want a whiter smile!

If teeth whitening treatments do not work for your teeth—perhaps because you suffer from fluorosis, tetracycline staining, or changes to your enamel structure—LUMINEERS can brighten the appearance of your smile by covering dark or discolored teeth.

I would like my smile to look straight and seamless!

Many patients use orthodontic treatment to straighten their natural teeth, but this process can be somewhat lengthy. As an alternative, our dentist can place LUMINEERS over your natural teeth to straighten the appearance of your smile in only two or three appointments. LUMINEERS can also close the appearance of gaps or spaces in the smile.

I wish my teeth looked fresh, young, and unblemished!

If you have sustained dental damage over the years—say cracks or chips in your enamel—LUMINEERS can cover these imperfections. Your teeth will look clean, white, and damage-free!

I want to correct all of the above!

That is one of the great things about LUMINEERS—this one treatment can correct multiple dental problems all at once.

If you are ready to learn more about LUMINEERS, or if you want to schedule an appointment to talk to our O’Fallon LUMINEERS dentists, give us a call today!