O’Fallon LUMINEERS Dentist Answers Questions About This Popular Treatment

Written by Dr. Brace on May 15, 2018

So many of our cosmetic dentistry patients are looking for a reliable, fast, and long-lasting solution to aesthetic dental problems; that’s where LUMINEERS come in. With LUMINEERS patients are able to achieve true smile transformations in a very short period of time. Want to learn more about how this treatment works? Keep reading for information from our O’Fallon LUMINEERS dentist:

Q: What are LUMINEERS made of?

A: LUMINEERS are made of a specific type of porcelain called Cerinate porcelain. This material is very strong, which means that LUMINEERS can be thin, even thinner than traditional veneers, and still be durable enough to stand up to day to day wear and tear.

Q: How long does LUMINEER treatment take?
A: Generally, the entire treatment process can be completed in two or three dental appointments. In the first phase of treatment, our team will prep your teeth and take a mold of the teeth that we’re treating. Then, once the LUMINEERS are crafted, you’ll come back in to have them fitted and attached.

Q: What do LUMINEERS look like?

A: Once your LUMINEERS are in place, they will look just like natural teeth. A LUMINEER covers the entirety of the visible portion of the existing tooth, so it will completely transform the appearance of the relevant tooth. LUMINEERS are made of porcelain specifically because porcelain mimics the appearance of real enamel; the end aesthetic result is seamless.

Many people choose to pursue LUMINEER treatment because they are able to address a number of aesthetic issues at once using LUMINEERS. If you want to correct dental damage, close gaps between teeth, lengthen short enamel, or cover discoloration, then LUMINEERS might be right for you.

The best way to get started is to call our O’Fallon LUMINEER dentists for more information and to schedule a personal consultation!