O’Fallon Dentures Dentist Utilizes Mini Dental Implants During Dentures Treatment

Written by Dr. Brace on Apr 22, 2014

Mini dental implants and dentures are both great tooth replacement treatments on their own. But did you know that these treatments can be used together for even better results?

Today our O’Fallon dentures dentists are explaining how this treatment option works, and why so many patients love to use dentures and mini dental implants together. This is crucial information for any patient suffering from tooth loss.

Dentures are designed to replace multiple consecutive missing teeth. Traditionally, dentures have been kept in place with dental adhesive. And as dentures have become more technologically advanced, their bases have also become more custom-fit to conform the patient’s natural gum tissue.

Many patients, however, still want to further enhance the stability of their restorative dentures. Mini dental implants can actually help you achieve this goal in a few simple steps.

First, our dentist will implant several strategically placed mini dental implants into your jawbone. The implant roots that our dentist will insert are made of titanium, because titanium has the ability to bond with natural bone tissue. Over time your mini dental implants will attach to your jawbone for exceptional stability.

Next, our dental team will cap your titanium root with a special dental restoration. This restoration is not designed to look like a tooth; rather it is made to fit into your dentures. We will retrofit your dentures with special sockets, into which your dental implant restorations will fit.

Once your dentures are snapped into place over your mini dental implants, they will stay in place all day while you eat and speak.

Our dental team is here to give you any additional information you may want about your tooth replacement options, including dentures and dental implants. To speak to our dental team, please call our O’Fallon dentures dentist office, or contact us through our website!