O’Fallon Dentures Dentist Restores Smiles with Revolutionary Geneva 2000 Dentures

Written by Dr. Brace on Jan 15, 2013

Patients today have a number of tooth replacement options after suffering from tooth loss, and many of these options are vastly improved from even ten years ago. Dentures have a reputation for being somewhat ill fitting or difficult to wear, but the truth is the latest dentures are comfortable and natural to wear. Our O’Fallon dentures dentist provides our patients with revolutionary Geneva 2000 dentures—incorporating the latest dental technology.

Like all dentures, the Geneva 2000s sit on top of a patient’s gum tissue—visually and functionally replacing the missing teeth. This means Geneva dentures are removable for cleaning and maintenance and do not require surgery to implant.

Geneva dentures are unique because they are specifically designed to be exceptionally natural looking. You never have to worry about your replacement teeth looking dull or flat, because these dentures are designed with your appearance in mind.

1. The tooth shapes are determined by your gender, as there are different tooth shapes for men and women, and by your overall appearance and mouth size. The dentures will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

2. Geneva dentures are also shaded to complement your real teeth while looking naturally white.

3. The dentures are also built for optimum functionality. Geneva dentures have gum pads that are molded to fit your mouth exactly. The biting surfaces on Geneva dentures are also shaped to allow for easing chewing and speaking.

In general, Geneva dentures are the next step in dentures’ technology—there is nothing one size fits all about Geneva dentures, everything is made to fit your specifications.

Our O’Fallon dentures dentists have helped numerous patients smile again after tooth loss—we can help you too! Don’t hesitate to give us call to learn more or to schedule your own consultation. You can also schedule your first appointment easily online.