O’Fallon Dentures Dentist Helps You Understand How Dentures Work

Written by Dr. Brace on Nov 8, 2015

O’Fallon Dentures Dentist Helps You Understand How Dentures Work

When a patient is missing many teeth, he or she needs a restorative treatment that will restore his or her smile from the bottom up. One restorative option is the full denture. In our O’Fallon dentist office, we design and implement dentures that work for each individual patient.

Let’s learn more about how dentures work to restore smiles!

A denture is a dental prosthetic that sits on top of the patient’s gum tissue, and replaces missing teeth. The bottom of a denture is molded to fit over the specific person’s bone and gum tissue.

The bottom of the denture is made to look like natural gum tissue, while the top of the denture looks like natural teeth. Both the top and bottom are customized to suit the patient’s natural oral tissues and teeth.

Traditionally, dentures are held in place because they fit snugly over the patient’s gum tissue. For additional stability, the patient may use denture adhesive to keep the prosthetic in contact with the gum tissue.

However, our dentists offer a treatment that will keep the denture in place permanently. We can actually ground your denture into your jawbone tissue using mini dental implant roots. Once in place, the denture is not removable, and the patient cares for the denture as he or she cares for his or her natural smile.

Dental implant grounded dentures offer superior comfort, stability, and natural looking results. Existing dentures can even be retrofitted to work in conjunction with new mini dental implant roots.

When you meet with our O’Fallon denture dentists, we will help you determine whether dentures might be a good fit for you. If you are currently suffering from tooth loss, don’t hesitate to get the restorative treatment that you need—your smile will thank you for it in the long-term!