O’Fallon Dentures Dentist Answers Your Questions About Tooth Replacement Technology

Written by Dr. Brace on Jul 6, 2017

O’Fallon Dentures Dentist Answers Your Questions About Tooth Replacement Technology

Adult tooth loss creates a number of problems for the sufferer. Obviously, tooth loss damages your dental aesthetics; when you’re missing teeth, your smile looks incomplete and poorly balanced. But, equally as important, tooth loss can kick off a chain reaction of oral health problems that further weaken and degrade the patient’s smile. That is why it’s so important to complete restorative treatment as quickly as possible after tooth loss. Keep reading to learn more from our O’Fallon dentists.

Q: How do you treat tooth loss?

A: Our dental team offers a number of treatment to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. Individual dental implants are stand-alone replacement teeth that are embedded in the patient’s jawbone for maximum stability and permanency. Then, there are dental prostheses, like dentures and bridges, that replace multiple consecutive teeth with just one dental appliance. Traditional versions of dentures and bridges sit on top of the patient’s gum tissue. Now, however, our team can permanently anchor these prostheses in your smile using strategically placed dental implant roots.

Q: How long does it take to complete tooth replacement treatment?

A: The answer to this question depends on which treatment you choose to restore your smile. Mini dental implants can often be completed in one appointment, and we can also generally place provisional implant-stabilized prostheses in one or two sessions. The entire conventional dental implant process takes a little longer, as we will wait for your jawbone tissue to heal after implant insertion. Our team will outfit you with a provisional restoration that looks great and functions well until your final replacement tooth is ready to place.

The most important thing is that you seek restorative dental treatment as quickly as possible after suffering tooth loss. Our O’Fallon dental implant and denture dentists are here to help you rebuild and restore your smile, and achieve results that last. Give us a call to schedule your personal consultation!