O’Fallon Dentist Helps You Brighten and Refresh Your Smile

Written by Dr. Brace on Apr 7, 2015

If your smile has started to look darker or dingier as you have aged, you are not alone. This is a very common problem among adult patients. Daily life simply changes the way that our teeth look and feel.

The good news is that you can restore your smile’s brilliance and luster with cosmetic dentistry. Just because your teeth are aging, doesn’t mean that you to live with an old looking smile.

So what kinds of things can our O’Fallon cosmetic dentists do to improve the appearance of dark teeth?

1. Lighten your real dental enamel with professional whitening treatments.

Our dental team can apply a whitening formula—usually in the form of a gel—to your real teeth. The formula penetrates the dental enamel, and goes to work lifting entrenched dental stains. This option is fast, comfortable, and affordable. Plus, patients can see substantial results after jus tone or two dental appointments.

2. Cover your enamel with dental resin

This treatment option is called dental bonding. It is so easy! Our dental team will cover your natural tooth with dental resin. Then we cure the resin so that it becomes hard, and bonds to your tooth. Dental resin stays in place 24/7—you’ll brush and floss your teeth normally.

3. Apply dental Lumineers

Porcelain Lumineers can completely resurface your smile. Our dental team will cover your dark enamel with bright, white, and luminous porcelain. Lumineers are not only used to treat dental discoloration; they can also make a smile appear straighter and correct dental damage.

Our O’Fallon cosmetic dentist office is here to help you figure out exactly how you want to change your smile for the better. So, if your smile is looking dark and stained, don’t hide it—revive it! We look forward to speaking with you!