O’Fallon Dentist Helps People Understand How Dental Cracks and Chips Develop Over Time

Written by Dr. Brace on Jan 6, 2017

O’Fallon Dentist Helps People Understand How Dental Cracks and Chips Develop Over Time

Sometimes people look in the mirror and notice that their dental enamel has started to change in appearance. Although it may seem like cracks and chips come out of nowhere, the truth is that these types of dental damage often occur over a long period of time.

Today our O’Fallon dentists are giving you some more information about how and why dental enamel becomes damaged. We hope that this short article empowers you to better protect your smile!

Your teeth become more prone to damage when your dental enamel is weakened. There are a number of things that can compromise your enamel:

· Consistent exposure to acidic foods or drinks

· Bacterial build up

· Untreated bruxism, a condition that causes the patient to grind and clench his or her teeth together. The pressure that bruxism puts on your teeth will cause your enamel to wear down and possibly fracture.

In order to protect your smile, you should follow all of your dentist’s recommendations regarding at-home and professional dental care. Proper oral hygiene will minimize the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

We all consume acidic substances, be them fruit juices, wine, or whole citrus fruits. Try rinsing your mouth with water after exposing your teeth to environmental acid, as this will limit the amount of time that acids are able to affect your enamel.

Finally, talk to your dentist if you find that you’re grinding or clenching your teeth. There are effective preventive treatments and mouth guards that will help to keep your enamel strong.

As always, you can contact our O’Fallon dentists for more information and to schedule a personal consultation.