O’Fallon Dental Implant Dentist Reviews Specifics of Mini Implants

Written by Dr. Brace on Feb 5, 2013

Dental implant technology has transformed the way that our O’Fallon dental implant dentists treat tooth loss. Most of the information out there about dental implant technology pertains to conventional, full-sized dental implants. But did you know that there are also mini dental implants, which have a number of practical applications in restorative dentistry?

Mini dental implants use the same basic technology and philosophy as conventional implants. But, as the name suggests, these implants are smaller and less obtrusive than conventional implants. Specifically, the implant root of the mini implant is much thinner than a full-sized titanium root.

This means that when our dental team inserts a mini dental implant root, the bone tissue is less affected and traumatized than when we surgically insert a normal implant root. For this reason, mini dental implant roots do not require the same post-treatment recovery time that full-sized roots require.

Mini dental implants are sometimes used to replace teeth in small or narrow spaces along the patient’s gumline. Sometimes mini dental implants are also used to help patients with diminished bone density.

The most popular use for the mini dental implant, however, is to stabilize dental prosthetics. Our dental team can permanently affix dentures into patient’s mouths using a few strategically placed mini implant roots. These dentures stay in place 24/7, and feel exceptionally natural.

The mini implant root is well suited for this purpose because it is easily inserted into the bone tissue, and not bulky once it is in place. Mini implants allow our dental team to insert your implant roots and attach your denture on top all in one appointment.

Whether you are dealing with new tooth loss, or struggling with existing dentures that just don’t work for you, mini dental implants may be able to help you reclaim a healthy and whole smile. Call our O’Fallon dentists to learn more about all of your restorative dentistry options!