Learn More From Our O’Fallon Dentists About All Of Your Tooth Replacement Options

Written by Dr. Brace on Nov 18, 2014

If you experience tooth loss, it is very important that you seek prompt and effective treatment for this issue. That is because tooth loss is not just an aesthetic issue; when you are missing teeth, the health of your smile is also at risk.

The good news is that our O’Fallon dentists can help you find the perfect tooth replacement option for you. Here is a brief overview of commonly used tooth replacement options!


Dentures are used to replace many consecutive missing teeth. Dentures are designed with a base, which sits on the patient’s gum tissue (this base is made to blend with the patient’s natural gum tissue). A person may use dental adhesive in order to hold the denture in place day to day. The patient will remove the denture to clean his or her smile, as well the prosthetic.

Implant-stabilized dentures

It is now possible to secure the patient’s denture in his or her smile with small titanium roots. When you choose implant-stabilized dentures, your prosthetic will stay in place 24/7.


A dental bridge once again sits on top of the gum tissue. However, the bridge is held in place because it is secured (via two small metal pieces) to the teeth on either side of the prosthetic.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are stand-alone replacement teeth, so every single dental implant has a titanium root (to replace the tooth root) as well as a porcelain restoration (the part that looks like the natural tooth) on top. Dental implants are permanent, and the patient care for the implant by brushing and flossing as normal. A dental implant closely mimics the structure of a natural tooth.

If you want to learn more about tooth replacement options, please feel free to contact our O’Fallon dentists to get started. It is our job to give you all of the information that you need, and to help you pick the perfect treatment for your smile!