Learn More About The Reasons That So Many People Choose Dental Implants Over Other Replacement Teeth

Written by Dr. Brace on Oct 6, 2015

Many patients come to our O’Fallon dental implant dentist office because they are at a loss about how to replace their missing teeth. Tooth loss can, for some people, seem like an insurmountable problem. However, our dental team is here to make restorative dentistry as simple and straightforward as possible.

We have found that dental patients achieve great and long-lasting results with dental implants. Here are just some of the reasons that people trust dental implants to restore their smiles:

1. Totally customized aesthetics

The dental crown that replaces the visible part of your tooth will be shaped, sized, and colored to work with your other teeth. This allows your dental implant to blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

2. Exceptional stability and peace of mind

Every dental implant is physically grounded into the patient’s jawbone with a titanium root. You never have to worry about your replacement tooth moving around or falling out—you’ll be able to rely on it as you rely on your natural teeth.

3. Easy to care for day to day

Once your dental implant is inserted, it is going to stay in place permanently. That means that to care for it, you simply have to maintain your dentist-recommended oral hygiene routine. You can brush your dental implant, floss around it, and use mouthwash.

4. Long-term results

Dental implants are built to last—with proper care they can stay in place, and stay strong, for decades. Many dental patients love dental implants because they can get the restorative treatment that they need, and then they can move on with their regular lives.

If you are currently missing teeth, dental implants may be perfect for you and for your smile. To learn more about tooth replacement options, please reach out to our O’Fallon dental implant dentists!