Learn Important All-On-Four Terms From Our O’Fallon Dentist

Written by Dr. Brace on Jul 27, 2016

Learn Important All-On-Four Terms From Our O’Fallon Dentist

Our O’Fallon dentists have found that patients of many ages love All-on-Four treatment because it is an effective and durable tooth replacement option. This treatment utilizes the latest restorative technologies in order to deliver exceptional results.

Today our dental team is explaining some of the key terms that we use when discussing All-on-Four treatment. We hope that this information helps you feel better informed about your tooth replacement options.

Dental implant root: This is the titanium screw or rod that your dentist implants into your jawbone tissue. This titanium piece replaces your natural tooth root, and holds a larger prosthetic in place.

Mini dental implant: this type of implant has a root that is thinner than a conventional implant root. Consequently, implanting a mini root is less traumatic for the bone tissue than placing a full-sized titanium root. Mini implant roots are often appropriate for all-on-four.

Implant-stabilized denture: This is another term for “All-on-Four” treatment; it generally refers to a larger prosthetic being held in place with just a few strategically-placed dental implant roots.

Osseo-integration: once your titanium root is placed in the jawbone, it will begin to bond with your natural bone tissue—this is the process of osseo-integration. Titanium is used to create implant roots precisely because it has the ability to osseo-integrate.

Edentulism: this is the state of being toothless, or missing consecutive teeth. All-on-Four treatment is designed to treat and correct edentulism.

Immediate loading denture: when your dentist uses mini dental implant roots to stabilize your prosthetic, he or she will likely be able to attach your denture to your implant roots right away; you will not need to wait for your bone tissue to heal prior to completing all-on-four.

Our O’Fallon all-on-four dentists are here to help you determine whether this treatment may be appropriate for you. Give our office a call, or submit a question through our website to get started today!