Here Are A Few Of The Treatments Our O’Fallon Dentists Use To Restore Smiles

Written by Dr. Brace on Jul 7, 2020

When you are dealing with dental damage, you want to be able to restore your smile quickly, comfortably, and conveniently. Our O’Fallon dentists understand how important these restorative treatments are. That is why we have put together this short overview of state-of-the-art treatments that correct damage. As you will see, you have options!

  • CEREC crowns: these custom-crafted dental restorations are made in-office; this means that we are able to design, make, fit, and place these crowns in just one appointment. And, because CEREC crowns are crafted from high-quality porcelain, they are designed to last; CEREC crowns are naturally stain resistant!
  • Dental bonding: this is an exceptionally versatile treatment that is used to repair damaged teeth, resurface unsightly enamel, and even make a patient’s smile look straight and seamless. When you choose dental bonding, our team will shade composite resin to match your tooth shade, apply it to your natural tooth structure, and then cure it so that it hardens and bonds to your tooth.
  • Root canal therapy: when a tooth is severely damaged, meaning the damage extends down to the dental core, root canal therapy becomes necessary. This treatment can literally save teeth that would otherwise need to be pulled or would fall out. During the treatment process, our dentist removes the dental pulp and nerves, sterilizes the remaining tooth structure, fills the hollow tooth, and then caps it all with a customized restoration.
  • Dental implants: when it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are truly the state-of-the-art treatment option. Dental implants are designed to be structurally similar to natural teeth; an individual dental implant will have a titanium root, which extends into the jaw tissue, as well as a customized visible crown that stays permanently in place.   

Sometimes patients are able to achieve their restorative goals using just one treatment, but it is also possible to combine treatments for optimal results. Get started by calling our O’Fallon dentists or using the Contact Us page to submit a question and your contact information.