Get the Information You Need About Preventive Dentistry From Our O’Fallon Dental Team

Written by Dr. Brace on Oct 20, 2015

Our O’Fallon dentists help dental patients avoid many serious dental problems with state-of-the-art preventive dentistry. Preventive treatments—both in-office and at-home—can empower you to avoid gum disease, dental cavities, and additional oral health problems.

Here is an overview of useful preventive dental options:

· Professional dental cleanings—these cleanings (which most patients should undergo every six months) clear away accumulated plaque and tartar (both of which cause oral infections)

· Fluoride treatments—some patients with weak dental enamel, and some pediatric patients, benefit from professional topical fluoride treatments, which strengthen the outer layer of the tooth

· Dental sealants—sealants are applied to the surface of teeth to protect them from oral acid and harmful bacteria. Sealants minimize your risk of suffering from dental cavities.

Daily dental hygiene measures also serve preventive purposes:

· When brush your teeth, you buff away harmful plaque, thus reducing your risk of suffering from cavities and gum disease

· Flossing also removes plaque—the benefit of flossing is that it can reach many places that you might otherwise miss by brushing alone

· Mouthwash both physically swishes away dental debris, and neutralizes bacteria (based on the formulation)

These at-home treatments are most effective when they are used in combination with one another. No one treatment alone is sufficient.

It is always in the patient’s best interest to avoid dental treatments in the first place, rather than simply addressing problems as they pop up. Effective preventive dentistry will save you time, stress, hassle, and money in the long run.

If you want to learn more about preventive dentistry, and what you can do to care for your smile, please feel free to contact our O’Fallon dentists. As your partners in dental care, we are here to answer your questions and provide you with the guidance that you need to succeed!