Get Dentures Customized For You From Our O’Fallon Dentures Dentists

Written by Dr. Brace on Oct 2, 2014

Get Dentures Customized For You From Our O’Fallon Dentures Dentists

Because your smile is intensely personal, you want to make sure that you are always receiving dental treatments that are tailored to fit your needs and desires. This is never more important than when a patient is receiving replacement teeth in the form of dentures.

Too many patients who come into our O’Fallon dentures dentist office report that they have previously been saddled with ill-fitting, generic looking dentures that just don’t work properly. Our dental team is here to fix all of that with high quality dentures.

Here are the various ways that we will make sure that your dentures work optimally for you:


We take a mold of your exact gum tissue and bone structure so that we can ensure that the base of your dentures fits comfortably and securely in your mouth. Additionally, we can retrofit your denture so that “locks” in place over a few strategically placed mini dental implants—this provides an even more reliable fit.

Individual tooth shapes

It is vitally important, for the appearance of your denture, that the replacement teeth in your oral appliance look natural. To that end we will choose dental shapes that look natural and attractive with your overall appearance.

Customized color

As one of the final steps in the denture creation process, our dental team will make sure that your dentures are shaded to look natural, enhance the appearance of your smile, and to blend with any existing teeth that you have. You want your dentures to look luminous and healthy, not like they are flat, dull, or fake.

Now that you know how we make sure that dentures suit our individual patients, you hopefully have a better idea of whether dentures can help you. For more information, or for answers to specific questions, contact our O’Fallon dentures dentist at your convenience.