Are Lumineers Appropriate For Your Smile? Our O’Fallon Lumineers Dentists Can Help You Decide

Written by Dr. Brace on Sep 29, 2015

Are Lumineers Appropriate For Your Smile? Our O’Fallon Lumineers Dentists Can Help You Decide

One of the most popular cosmetic treatment options in our O’Fallon cosmetic dental office is the Lumineer. As we learn more about the Lumineer, you’ll begin to see why so many people trust this aesthetic restoration for beautiful results.

Here is some more information to help you understand what Lumineers can do, and whom they can help.

A Lumineer is a cosmetic porcelain restoration. Every Lumineer is designed to suit the individual patient.

· The shade of the Lumineer will match the patient’s natural teeth, so that the restoration blends in with the person’s existing smile.

· The size of the Lumineer will be appropriate for your tooth, and the Lumineer can be lengthened and/or widened in order to improve the balance of your smile.

· The shape of your Lumineers will mimic your natural dental shapes. The edges of your Lumineers will be smooth and even.

Lumineers are appropriate for all kinds of dental patients. In general Lumineers can help

· Patients who have generally healthy teeth and gums—teeth and gums stable enough to support a restoration

· Patients who have permanent teeth—Lumineers are not applied to primary (baby) teeth

· People who want to improve one tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire smile

The only way to know for sure whether or not Lumineers can help you is to meet with a dentist who can assess your smile. Our O’Fallon Lumineers dentists are happy to answer your questions and provide you with additional information on all of your cosmetic options. In order to get started please call our friendly dental team, or submit a question and your contact information through our website, and we’ll get back to you.

Together, we can, comfortably and quickly, improve the appearance and functionality of your smile with innovative porcelain Lumineers! Let’s get started!