Mini Dental Implants in O'Fallon, MO

Are you frustrated by missing teeth or dentures that won't stay put?

You are not alone!

Mini dental implants will help you reclaim your smile and your life!

Millions of Americans have lost teeth to injury or disease. As a result, many of these people believe they will never again be able to chew, speak, or smile without feeling self-conscious. Let us help you recover from the disaster of tooth loss with the revolutionary, breakthrough technology of mini dental implants!

The end result is a replacement tooth that looks and feels natural. With dental implants you’ll find that you can eat your favorite foods, smile without anxiety, and speak naturally.

Why so many patients come to our O'Fallon dentists for mini dental implants:

Conservative and Fast Healing

Because of the unique design of mini dental implants, there are no incisions when these implants are placed. Mini implants take only an hour or two to place, and require no surgery. And unlike conventional implants, mini implants don’t require post-op healing time.

It's "Simply Amazing!"

Your denture will stay in place—it won’t move around, pop up, or fly out of your mouth every time you sneeze or cough. There’s very little post-procedure pain, and the cost to the patient is generally 1/3 the cost of conventional implants! This cost-effective solution will have you out the door, eating and talking with confidence, in no time.

Specialized Treatment Solutions

Our practice is one of only a few in the area to offer this breakthrough treatment option. With our trained and experienced team you can change your life and reap the benefits of revolutionary mini dental implants!

Real Patients. Real Results.

New Patient Certificate!

$79 exam! Includes complete x-rays and routine cleaning (a $299 value). Or $1 custom teeth whitening with new patient exam, complete x-rays, and cleaning at full fee (a $400 value).

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Mini Dental Implants Information Packet

How it works, how much it costs, and much more...

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