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Read All About Mini Dental Implants In This Article From Our O’Fallon Dentists

Our dental patients take all kinds of important steps in order to help prevent tooth loss. If, however, you are already missing a tooth, you are going to need a restorative dental treatment to perfect your smile!

Our O’Fallon mini dental implant dentists are here to give you more information about these mini replacement teeth. Check out this quick Q and A session to learn more…

Q: What makes a mini dental implant “mini” anyway?

A: Mini dental implants have the same structure as conventional dental implants. However, mini dental implants use smaller and thinner titanium roots in order to keep replacement crowns in place. These smaller implant roots are less traumatic for the bone tissue when inserted, and thus the patient’s mouth heals faster. These mini implant roots can also be used for patients with diminished jawbone density.

Q: Why might a patient opt for a mini dental implant?

A: You might choose to use a mini dental implant because you do not have very much room along your jawbone in which to fit a replacement tooth. Your dentist may also recommend a mini dental implant if your jawbone tissue requires a gentler implant option. Additionally, mini dental implants can be used in combination with a denture to “lock” the denture in place. So if, for example, you already have a denture that you like to use, but you would like it to feel more stable, mini dental implants might meet your needs.

When you come in to speak with our dental team, we will assess your smile, your dental health, and your jawbone density. From there we will make a recommendation as to how you can best restore your smile to optimal health and appearance. Give our O’Fallon dental implant dentists a call to perfect your smile!

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