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Did you know that there is one cosmetic treatment that can make your smile look whiter, better proportioned, and correct cracks and chips in the dental enamel? Dental bonding is an efficient and useful treatment option that is helping patients of all ages achieve attractive smiles. Our O’Fallon cosmetic dentist office is proud to offer this treatment to our patients, read on to learn why!

1. Dental bonding is fast

Dental bonding involves our dentist applying dental resin to your teeth and then curing and setting that resin. This entire process can be completed in just one dental appointment—dental bonding is one of the fastest ways to achieve cosmetic results.

2. Dental bonding is versatile

This one treatment can be used to correct a number of different dental problems. Because dental resin is opaque, it can cover and mask both structural and superficial dental problems.

With dental bonding our dentist can:

· Lighten dark or dull dental enamel

· Fill in cracks and chips in damaged teeth

· Make narrow teeth appear wider

· Make short teeth appear longer

· Make slightly misaligned teeth seem straighter

3. Dental bonding is effective

Not only can you achieve a beautiful smile with dental bonding, but you can also maintain it for years after treatment is completed. Dental resin is durable, so with proper maintenance, your dental bonding can hold up for over a decade before it needs to be replaced. Just make sure to care for your teeth as recommended, and to avoid chomping on hard candies and foods.

Do you think dental bonding may be the right cosmetic treatment for you? If so, feel free to give our O’Fallon cosmetic dentist office a call to discuss your cosmetic treatment options. We look forward to working with you to achieve your dream smile!

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